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Commercial Trucking is a demanding industry. Whether you have one truck or a fleet of trucks current economic conditions make it very difficult to remain profitable. Market Alternatives, LLC specializes in the trucking industry. We have access to virtually every credible carrier that does business in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Our products for Trucking are comprehensive and competitively priced. We offer Full Truckers Policies and Non Trucking Policies otherwise known as Bobtail. We offer Motor Truck Cargo for Truckers and Contingent Cargo and Bonding For Brokers. Some of our carriers also offer downtime and rental coverage.

We provide various types of bonds for Truckers going into Canada or carrying commodities where bonding is required.

We help our Truckers form corporations with the help of our long standing legal partners. We help our Truckers obtain operating authority otherwise known as DOT numbers and MC numbers. We obtain BOC-3 filings and any other filings necessary for the legal conduct of your business.

We have access Workers Compensation safety groups that can save substantial amounts of money.

We understand that prompt and accurate service is required to keep our Trucking customers rolling. Certificates of insurance are produced within minutes of your request

Whether you have tractor trailers or straight trucks, dump trucks or roll off trucks, car carriers or pick-up trucks, if you own a truck, you should be calling Market Alternatives, LLC for a quote.

We handle all types of trucking accounts. Long haul, short haul, agricultural, hazardous materials, over-size, over-weight, high value loads, refuse haulers, you name it, we can do it.

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